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I forgot to do the responsive thing and when I realized it I was too tired. I will do it, eventually. But for now,


enjoy this gap




As a wanderer. Ten minutes of anesthesia.

As a hit,story. Whatever you understood is alright.




    Una jodida palabra académica que me encanta. Se trata de ese momento que quieres alcanzar continuamente, dijo Brea. Sí, pero de otra manera, con una contundencia maravillosamente poética. Lo hizo muy bien.

As a delay. I tried several times to be there before and after.


    This one's had two other different titles:


    As an emptiness.


    / The coincidence of a mistake

    / The encounter with a mistake



    Probably, I will keep changing it until I find the words according to my thoughts. Not an easy challenge though.

As an emptiness. 1.Meeting, 2.reapeating mistakes.



As redundant

as it sounds, another dystopia.


    You know what,

    I’m hoping there is a midpoint where you’re not just an idea generator or a fancy productive artist.


    Here you are

    my messy one:





    The hit,story thing came afterwards. The dystopia is the common remaining feeling that I hope selfishly not to last forever.


    /featuring Drunk Arial from

    Ricardo Trigo


    for thoughts filled with wine,


    I can't help loving people with a great inner world.