/the honestly, statement




This domain, chamian.eu, will be used in the first instance as a regular

artist website, with the more or less academic display of a visual artist page. However, there will be a parallel version of this same website under the name of “honestly,”.


The honestly, version is an honest platform where the truth is told about its content. This is a replication of this same website but the content is transformed. Not meaning that this content would be a different one, but it becomes some sort of a canvas on where to sketch all the ideas that are implied in the process of the final work. Notes and thoughts surrounding the process will be added, such logistics as about the art production itself. But also possible shapes that the final project may have taken, 3D sketches that remained or continue as projects, diverse explosions of brainstorming and a long volunteer etcetera to maintain its disposition opened to new ideas that may come through from all of this.


Click again in the square button and you will get into the honestly, version. This first version is released for the exhibition Venien de lluny in Piramidón Gallery, Barcelona. If you want to go back to the regular version, click once more in the square button while you are navigating in the honestly, version and everything will be apparently normal again.


Stay as long as you want and enjoy!