Hit,story. As redundant as it sounds, another dystopia.



Let’s situate ourselves in a specific context. This is a place that we used to call future and suddenly we found ourselves living in it. A place where all the information is short and confusing but with an increasing dimension that creates an overwhelming mass of content. A laden space that is constantly fed, having the non physical dimension of a world parallel to the one that we call real. A massive undefined fictional world. This is the Internet.


Internet content calls out to no one to be interpreted. Its chief quality is held to be its basic meaninglessness.


This is the context where takes place this dystopia. As a historian of the absurd, this content is treated as if it is was a historical record for the immediate present. If we would be able to see ourselves in the future watching this precise moment, what would we see? No, not the physical moment. I am referring to the documentation of this time. All of the data collected about this period of time: 2016 in images, in information; in content. And not only 2016 but also 2014, 2009 and so on until it was considered inconvenient to continue documenting.


Hit,story is about doing something mechanical, almost systematical but not entirely automated. If it wasn’t for a slice of human intervention, it would be just a random union of facts or rather, meaningless data gathered in a single space. But this doesn’t matter, because this is not the case. In fact, all of these content is vehemently trying to say something.


As redundant as it sounds, another dystopia is a chapter from a History that tells nothing. Al least not anything concrete, its main body is precisely the lack of it.  And it is that when trying to situate in the context that is willing to tell, it only finds dispersed stories that don’t know how to be articulated. Therefore, it becomes a symptomatic playback of the very data it continues gathering. Becoming thus, in a distorted History but as credible as the one we call real.






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